Whois shows the public information of a domain name

By using the whois service, you can view the public information of any domain name or IP address. Whois shows the holder details of other than fi-domain names, too.

By entering a domain name or an IP address in the search bar below, you can view its public information. The top-level domain (e.g. .fi, .com, .se or .net) must also be included in the search.

Information appearing in the Whois service

Whois shows the public information of a domain name or an IP address holder, such as the name of the holder and the registration date of the domain name. The results of a whois query also show the status of the domain name (for example, free or reserved).

A whois query on a domain name searches a public whois database and returns the public information of the domain name. The administrators of each top-level domain have their own whois database.

The whois service of domain names is based on internet standard RFC 3912 coordinated by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which is complied with by the top-level domain administrators. The standard sets requirements for the data content that is shown but the parties maintaining the registers may formulate the search results and use their own terminology. This means that whois search results may look different depending on the top-level domain. For instance, the domain statuses are different depending on the searched top-level domain.